We would like to thank:

The Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) provided funding in 2007-2008 to employ a Flora Writer. ABRS


Hannah Gamble for document layout and index construction.

Brian Martin for web site design.

Hannah Gamble and Jess Atkinson for logo design.

Kim Hill for typing several accounts written by Dennis Morris.

Alan Gray provided the image of Eucalyptus brookeriana that was used in the background.

Alex Buchanan, Matthew Baker, Rod Seppelt, Andrew Rozefelds, Jean Jarman, Lyn Cave, Timm Newlands, Andrea Jensz, Hannah Gamble, Brian Martin and Laurence Paine for comments on manuscripts and web content.

Erica Noakes and Carmel Denholm for facilitating the archiving of published accounts at the State Library of Tasmania

A special thanks goes to the following users of the FTO in providing invaluable feedback on published accounts: Matthew Baker, Alan Gray, Anna Povey, Roy Skabo, Natalie Tapson and James Wood.